Upcoming Events

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  • Boston Sold Out 'From The Laboratory To Leadership' / Spring 2017
  • Seattle 'From The Laboratory To Leadership' / Spring 2017 / LSW
  • San Diego 'Leveraging Your Leadership' / Fall 2017 / Biocom
  • San Diego 'From The Laboratory To Leadership '/ Fall 2017 / Biocom
  • San Francisco 'From The Laboratory To Leadership '/ Fall 2017 / CLSA

Executive Workshops

Developing and Communicating the Organizational Vision (1 day)

Research shows that visionary companies outperform others by 12 to 1. So as a leader, you may be challenged to develop an organizational vision that truly provides direction, inspiration and motivation to your people. We can help. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a vision that doesn't just live on a plaque in your lobby, it lives in your organization and fuels results. You'll learn how to keep the vision alive, communicate it and drive leadership responsibility to all levels. Developing and communicating the vision can mean the difference between short-term and long-term success.

Creating a Corporate Culture (1 day)

You can bring the best and brightest people together, but if there isn't a common sense of values and purpose, it's hard to build a thriving organization. That's why culture is critical. In this session, you'll identify the vision, values, ethics and overall business personality that support the culture you want to create and sustain.

Leadership vs. Management (2 hours)

What's the difference between leadership and management? When is it appropriate to use one or the other – or a combination of both? In this session, you'll learn how each role serves a critical function in business success.

Leveraging Your Leadership through Delegation (3 hours)

Are you new to the role of executive? This session teaches you how to leverage your leadership effectively. You'll learn how to stay focused on high-payoff activities by better using the skills of your management team.