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  • Boston Sold Out 'From The Laboratory To Leadership' / Spring 2017
  • Seattle 'From The Laboratory To Leadership' / Spring 2017 / LSW
  • San Diego 'Leveraging Your Leadership' / Fall 2017 / Biocom
  • San Diego 'From The Laboratory To Leadership '/ Fall 2017 / Biocom
  • San Francisco 'From The Laboratory To Leadership '/ Fall 2017 / CLSA

Workshops for Specific Skills

Emotional Intelligence: Your Key to High Performance (3 hours)

What's the difference between being an exceptional performer and being average?  Research shows that to be highly successful requires the effective awareness, control and management of one's own emotions, and those of other people.  Emotional intelligence is the dimension of intelligence responsible for our ability to manage ourselves and our relationships with others.

We are all born with at least some of the aspects of emotional intelligence.  The key is to actively develop these traits, so that our ideas may be heard and considered, we can work well in teams-bringing out the best in ourselves and others and so that we may be the best leaders we can be.

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Project Management (1 day)

In life sciences and technology, successful projects are a company's lifeblood. They help you get the next round of funding, hit the next milestone, prepare a product for market. In this eight-hour session, you'll learn everything you need to plan successful projects – and execute them with results. You'll learn how to ...

  • Plan the project, anticipate risks, develop strategies
  • Recognize priority concerns and opportunities
  • Negotiate for resources
  • Communicate objectives and implement the plan
  • Keep your team on track
  • Coach employees and monitor performance
  • Use technology to increase efficiency
  • Allocate resources effectively



Optimizing Team Performance (2-3 days)

Have you just inherited a team? Do you have the chance to build one from the ground up? Either way, it can be challenging to motivate a group of people to operate at their greatest potential. In this workshop, which includes interactive teaming activities, you'll learn how to ...

  • Assess team performance
  • Identify the characteristics of a high-performing team
  • Develop a team in stages
  • Avoid the trap of becoming a "do good" or "feel good" team
  • Make decisions as a team
  • Develop action plans for team and individual improvement

Leadership and Teamwork (2.5 days)

Your company may have a great idea, discovery or technology, but you need effective teamwork to take it to market. In this program, you'll learn how to drive that teamwork, unifying diverse members in the common goal. You'll use specialized tools, experiential exercises and real case studies to examine your leadership abilities and improve your effectiveness.

Creating a Code of Conduct (4 hours)

A code of conduct is more than a list of dos and don'ts. It's a living document that changes and grows as your team develops, and it's central to your team's effectiveness. In this workshop, you'll learn how to create a code for your team. And pretty soon, any negative behaviors will start to fade away as positive ones take their place.

Creating a Common Purpose (4 hours)

Where is your team going? What is each member's role in that direction? This workshop will help you answer those questions, so you can create a compelling team purpose and specific goals to unite the members. Already have a defined direction? Then this program can help the team develop plans and strategies for getting there.

Resolving Conflict in Your Team (3 hours to 1 day)

As a team, your role is not to avoid conflict. It's to turn those conflicting views into a positive result. In this workshop, you'll learn how. We'll use the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to help team members understand their natural responses to conflict – and then resolve them.

Team Development (3 hours)

What's so great about teams anyway? What is their value in an organization? This session will help team members understand basic team concepts and the characteristics of a high-performing team – so, ultimately, employees feel more comfortable and effective in a team environment.

Team Decision-making (2 hours)

By necessity, empowered teams make more decisions, and those decisions can require different skills and processes than individual decisions. In this workshop, team members will learn the different methods for team decision-making, including techniques for reaching a consensus.

Giving and Receiving Feedback (2 hours)

In a team environment, other people's behavior frankly can have a big effect on you. Which is why ongoing self-improvement – driven by constructive feedback – is an essential component of any team. In this session, team members will learn how to give and receive feedback, and they'll practice with each other.

Sharing Leadership in a Team (3 hours)

Leadership moves. It passes from team member to team member, which ultimately improves team effectiveness. This session will explain the value of shared leadership, explore interpersonal leadership skills, and help team members identify shared leadership opportunities.

Running and Planning Team Meetings (2-3 hours)

Teams spend a lot of time in meetings. And this session will help your team make the most of each one. By participating in mini-meetings as part of this workshop, you'll learn how to run and plan more effective meetings.

Avoiding Groupthink (1 hour)

Consensus is great, as long as it doesn't compromise the best course of action. In this class, you'll learn the dangers of such groupthink – and how to spot it before it takes hold.

Group Dynamics (3 hours)

A team's effectiveness is closely tied to the behavior of its team members. In this session of group interaction and role-playing, you'll learn how to improve team dynamics such as influence, communications and inclusion.

Team Scan (1 day)

How well does your team function as a group? How can the team improve performance? In this workshop, you'll compare your effectiveness against a research-based optimum profile and assess current conditions versus future goals. As a group, you will design plans to enhance teamwork and fuel continuous improvement.

Your Leadership Profile (½ day to 1 day)

What values influence your leadership? What motivates you? This workshop will help you find out, so you can improve your leadership and team effectiveness. You'll examine your leadership style, compare it against a research-based optimum profile, and receive accurate and personal feedback from co-workers.

Organizational Culture (1-2 days)

Is your team supporting the organization's desired culture? In this workshop, you will learn how the organization's philosophies, policies, processes and reward systems affect your team – and how to continuously improve your team's role in the organization. This training will help your team contribute to a culture of creativity, flexibility and responsiveness to market conditions.


Leading in a Matrix Team Environment (½ day to 1 day)

Team leadership is challenging to begin with. Add on a matrix environment, and you might feel overwhelmed. In this session, you'll learn how to navigate the matrix – by managing peers, getting results from people who don't report to you, vying for limited resources, communicating effectively, and managing change in goals, timelines and team members.

Interviewing and Selecting High Performers (4 hours)

Are your people qualified? Motivated? Do they play well with others? Hiring the right people is critical to business success, and this session can help. We'll go beyond basic interviewing techniques to incorporate the broader, more meaningful concept of "employee selection." You'll learn to define the position, design the interview, conduct the interview and use assessment tools to evaluate candidates.

Effective Meeting Management (3 hours)

Managers and executives spend more time in meetings than in any other activity. So this session will provide strategies and tools for running more productive, engaging meetings. You'll learn how to select attendees, prepare an agenda, facilitate the meeting, get active participation, and follow up with action plans.

Performance Appraisals (4 hours)

Imagine doing a stress-free performance review. No worries about difficult discussions. No anxiety about differing expectations. Instead, it's a meaningful, productive conversation with your employee.

Sounds too good to be true? Then you're a great candidate for this workshop. You'll learn practical skills not only for conducting a great performance review – but also for getting great performance all year long. Learn how to …

  • Set clear goals and avoid misunderstandings later
  • Provide real-time coaching and feedback that encourages (not discourages) employees
  • Document performance issues
  • Conduct difficult conversations
  • Write a fair, accurate performance review
  • Create a productive performance discussion

Goal-setting for Great Performance (2 hours)

How do you set specific, measurable goals that drive the results you want? How do you get better performance without discouraging employees? In just two hours, this workshop will give you the tools you need to set the right goals – and hit them. You'll learn how to ...

  • Set goals that produce results
  • Write performance goals that are clear and concise
  • Create action plans for better communication and strong outcomes
  • Use goal-setting in your team's professional development
  • Link goals to team, departmental and divisional success
  • Have difficult conversations without discouraging employees